Introducing my new business: The Cultivate Method

September 17, 2020

I've always been an entrepreneur at heart, and I love building brands, ideas and companies from the ground up. A few examples of my entrepreneurial streak:

  • As a high school student, I calculated pricing, breakeven points and profit margins for a hypothetical bubble tea shop my dad wanted to open after he was laid off in the Great Recession.
  • As a broke college student in New York, I went to sample sales and flipped good finds for profit on eBay. *This funded my groceries for months.
  • As a college senior, I ran a national student-run a business. 

When I moved to San Francisco in 2014, I dove head first into startups so I could learn how to build a business. My goal was to one day start my own business. Being in Silicon Valley, I thought I would eventually start a software business as a non-technical co-founder.

As the years passed, I just didn't have any compelling software ideas I wanted to work on and I was busy building a career as a tech marketer. And as a marketer, I would be so frustrated when I saw bad marketing and poorly executed campaigns in the wild. It was even more frustrating when I realized that most bad marketing happened to small businesses because entrepreneurs weren’t aware that they could be doing their marketing in a more efficient or effective way.

After taking some time off and dealing with my dad's health issues (He's still in recovery, more on that in a future blog post.), I realized that I finally knew what I wanted to build: resources to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to build effective marketing strategies.

Today I'm excited to share my new business with you, The Cultivate Method

I've launched The Cultivate Method with free resources on our blog and a paid product: a 50+ page ebook that teaches you about customer research, product-market fit and the customer lifecycle, all in plain English. No more marketing jargon! There's even a lesson plan to guide you through the reading, worksheets and real-life examples in an hour a day or less, in less than a month. 

I hope you'll support me on my new entrepreneurial journey. It’s free to follow my Instagram (I’ll be posting daily tips and best practices), like my Facebook page, subscribe to my monthly newsletter and share with your friends. 

Bonus points if you buy my ebook (20% off until Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020) or buy it for a friend.

Stay tuned for more: I'm working on 2 more ebooks that will cover execution and tactics that will bring small business owners and entrepreneurs' marketing strategies, too. 

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