I’m a product strategist and team leader

My mission is to make the world a better place through leadership, empathy and driving cultural change. I’m a product strategist and team leader, and I thrive when I'm delivering an impactful customer experience that drives positive business outcomes.

My expertise lies in 3 areas: product market fit, customer experience and the product lifecycle. I drive team efficiency through my deep understanding and application of product market fit. My ability to understand customers’ needs also fosters long-term customer loyalty and directly impacts sales. Lastly, through my dedication to leadership, I work closely with team members to help them focus, prioritize and set better goals, throughout the entire product lifecycle.

I believe in sharing my knowledge by teaching others, and I frequently speak on the future of work and building customer empathy to audiences in New York, Toronto, Sydney, among others.

In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga and pilates, running, sewing and hanging out with my dog.